Kronos photographed in San Francisco, CA March 26, 2013©Jay Blakesberg

Photo: Jay Blakesberg

Clients often come to me for help with their broader recording strategy. A common question is “Our exclusive major label contract is up for renewal, and we’re not sure what to do next. Other artists are starting their own labels, doing digital releases or selling direct to consumers. How do we choose the right options for our future projects?”

As part of a larger strategic review in their 40th anniversary year, the Kronos Performing Arts Association (the non-profit organisation of the Kronos Quartet) asked me to help them survey the range of options for releasing Kronos’ future recordings. I researched the sales of their previous recordings and provided budgets, costings, projections, and typical deal terms for a number of options, enabling them to make informed decisions about matching each recording project with the ideal avenue of production and distribution.