While consulting on the LA Phil’s strategic plan for media, I was asked to help out with a promotion the orchestra were running with the LA Times.

The LA Times offered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of advertising space for a sweepstakes as part of their Experiences program. The orchestra offered a prize for a winner (tickets to the gala, meet and greet with Gustavo Dudamel) and a reward for all entrants (download of Gustavo conducting the Ode to Joy). With a few days to go, we were let down by a digital retail partner, and needed to find a way to fulfill thousands of downloads quickly and reliably.

Using Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN as a cost-effective and scalable delivery platform, I built a custom download page offering streaming for mobile users alongside compressed, lossless and high resolution downloads.

This allowed us to continue with the promotion as planned, and I was able to provide regular up-to-date reports on traffic to assess the success of the various components of the campaign. Giving users a free choice of audio formats also allowed us to evaluate the real-world demand for lossless audio, which helped inform our wider strategic plans.

LA Phil Download Page